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A Peek at Claiming His Heart ~Tanya Hanson

If you like inspy historical Westerns–and even if you don’t, I’d love a comment. I’ll be pulling one name from the Stetson at the end of the party to win a copy of Claiming His Heart. Give it a try… it isn’t judgey at all. And I promise cowboy Tull Sanderson will steal your heart from the get-go. I’m honored to have had it launch the Prayers ad Promises line from Prairie Rose Publications, where western writers go to make their dreams come true.

And stay tuned…throughout the day, I’ll be posting excerpts from the first chapter.


Caught between a noose and a cave-in, Tulsa Sanderson must do anything possible to prove his brother’s innocence…even if it means marrying a gold miner’s daughter he just met. He needs every nugget and flake he can pull from her worn-out claim, but he sure doesn’t need a wife. Save his brother and he’ll be back on the Texas cattle trails. God, and trusting Him, are things of the past. 

Charlotte Amalie lost her heart, her virtue, and her money to the last mysterious outsider who came to the valley. Faith? That’s wavered after too many family tragedies. But she has no choice but to wed the handsome Tull. He bears terrible family secrets that need to be kept behind closed doors. Although she’s eager to leave the valley to find a new life for herself and medical treatments for her wounded twin brother, her unwanted marriage douses her plans, yet stirs up hope and love for Tull…and begins to fortify her weakened faith. 

Can the two of them find a future–and faith–together even with their haunted pasts?  

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Fare Thee Well…

Farewell, faithful readers.

Farewell, faithful readers.

Miss Primm is sad to announce that, due to lack of readership, the Culdesac County Courant has ceased publication.  She is deliriously grateful for the many fine folk who consented to be interviewed for her Lifestyle column.


Miss Primm is using her free time time to clean out her attic, finally, and to assist Miss Tanya Hanson with rewrites for her next two books, publication dates and titles as yet  unknown.


With everybody so busy, this blog will be closing down in  a few weeks. May God bless you all.


To keep up with Miss Tanya, please visit her at and


Don’t be a stranger. She’s not riding off into the sunset…just spending time with her family and doing group blogs.

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Interview with a Heroine: Zoe Wyndham (and her author Tanya Stowe)

Miss Prinsella PrimmMiss Prinsella Primm, Lifestyle Editor of the Culdesac County Courant, is privileged to feature Miss Zoe Wyndham for her Lifestyle column today. Zoe is the heroine of Miss Tanya Stowe’s latest and most excellent book, Leap of Faith. And one lucky Lifestyle reader today will win a copy of  Miss Stowe’s  “Tender Touch.” Don’t forget to leave a comment to get your name in the drawing!


1. My dear Miss Zoe, welcome today to Culdesac Corners, California. We’re a humble community hereabouts and would love to learn your take on Angel Falls.  

First  of all, Miss Primm, thanks so much for inviting me to speak with you. Angel Falls is a wonderful place to live. I feel so safe and protected. I know angels are watching over us and that just makes me feel like I can conquer anything…not to mention the fact that it’s surrounded by love. Everyone who lives here seems to fall in love. Except me, of course. I’ve been here the longest, but I know the Lord has other plans for me so it’s OK.


2. What do you in your spare time?   I don’t know what spare time is. I’m always busy with something, but I do love watching old movies on the big screen and good food. Whenever I sell a stained-glass window I treat myself to a movie and a good meal.


3.  Although I myself am a spinster, I always love romantic tales. Please tell us a tad about Zack Manning. Yet even I know love never goes smooth, so what is the biggest obstacle between the you and your alliterative Zack?    

Funny thing. Zack and I are exact opposites in our goals and lifestyles but we have a lot in common, like a love for old movies and good food. But no matter what we have in common, our paths are meant to be different. I’m being called to work with orphaned children in Haiti. It’s been on my heart for so long, I just know it’s the right thing. Zack just received a job offer from a company in Manhattan. It’s such a good offer, he’d be crazy to refuse it. As you can see, the Lord has very different plans for Zack and me.


4. I mean no insult, but folks seem to think you have a somewhat wacky side, Miss Zoe. Might you care to explain?   

Oh, I have more than one wacky side! I grew up in cooperatives…most people call them communes. My parents were free spirits. I was a late in life surprise and I’m not sure they knew what to do with me. Fortunately, in a cooperative, you grow up with lots of community parents. But basically, I raised myself. I’ve been on my own since I was sixteen so I have a lot of independent ideas. But I think the thing that puts most people off is my ‘knowing.’ The Lord likes to tell me things about people…mainly things I’d rather not know. In fact, that’s how Zack and I got to talking. The Lord gave me a message for Zack. I was faithful and delivered it, but Zack didn’t really appreciate the message!


5. What are five things I’m likely to find in the bottom of your reticule? (I know you modern ladies call it a purse).

  I carry a very big, woven bag with an across-the-chest strap. It’s so big it’s hard to see the bottom but I can guess what you’d find. A pair of needle nose pliers. I think they’re the handiest tools on the face of the earth! A small plastic container of Band-Aids, I always seem to have a cut or burn on my hands from my work. Several big, cloth covered rubber bands. My hair is always getting in my way or coming undone. Several packages of Juicy Fruit gum. In the cooperatives sugar was a no-no, so I take special delight in chewing gum with sugar. I know someday I’ll stop feeling rebellious and go sugar free, but for right now, it’s my guilty pleasure. Last but not least, you’d find lots and lots of coins. I never use my coins, I always break the bills and throw the change in the bottom of my purse. Then when it gets too heavy to carry, I clean the change out, turn it back into bills and send the money to the orphanage in Haiti. It helps me to feel like I’m doing something while I save to move down there.

6. I’m a church going woman myself.   Zoe dear, what Scriptures determine how you live each day?    

Phillipians 4-13: I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.


7. Without spoiling my “Leap of Faith” with any spoilers, what in your past would you change if you could? How does what happened then threaten what you’re trying to build now?  

 I think anyone could guess at what makes my life difficult. I’d rather not have this gift of ‘knowing’. I think it’s the biggest challenge to all my relationships, even my friends. My life would be so simple without it. 

8. I’m somewhat handy in the kitchen. How about a favorite recipe to share?

  I don’t cook. I don’t have the time. But also, in the cooperatives everyone did kitchen duty and we grew most of our food. But everything was done in bulk. Great platters of homemade lasagna and breads. It just seems such a time waste to cook for one person.


9. Zoe, living in a place called Hearts Haven, you surely must have a heart-stirring experience to share with us. Don’t you?

I’ve been there for 2 years and I’ve seen almost every person who moved there fall in love with someone. But the most heart-stirring was Mr. Hart. The angels talk to him all the time. He knows everything about everybody, sometimes even before they know it. But he didn’t know he was in love with Miss Vivian until she told him! He walked around for days in a daze until she finally asked him if he was going to marry her. Then he did the proper thing and dropped down on one knee. I can still see his shocked face. I’ll never forget it.


10. As for myself, Miss Louisa May Alcott is my all-time favorite author, and Miss Tanya’s as well.

 Who is your favorite author and why?  M.M. Kaye. She wrote The Trade Winds and The Far Pavillions. She wrote about far away places and knew all about the cultures. I just loved travelling the world with her.


11. Miscellany. Feel free to add, subtract, multiply or divide anything you still need to say that I have forgotten.Thanks for being the subject of Miss Tanya’s blog and the interviewee for my Lifestyle column for the Culdesac County Courant. 

Please be sure to visit the Heart’s Haven’s Facebook page. We’re having another blow-out party for Kaci James this month on Wednesday the 16th, we’d love to see you and we always have great giveaways at our parties! Stop by at


(Miss Primm warmly hugs Zoe.)  I am not quite certain what Facebook is, my new dear friend, but I am willing to navigate whatever I need to do to get to a party!  And thanks sincerely for the marvelous excerpt below.  Please come back!

*  *  *  *

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Zack had the chance to examine Zoe’s face up close. He could see she wasn’t wearing make-up, not even on her long, dark eyelashes. She had soft-looking, creamy skin so he was glad she didn’t cover it up. He wondered once again how he had missed Zoe’s flawless natural beauty in all their previous meetings. He even noticed she chewed on her full bottom lip.


“Is something wrong?” he asked.


She took a deep breath and turned back to him. “Look, I know this is going to sound strange.”

Zack had a hard time concentrating on what she said because now that she was close, he would bet her eyes were hazel, not green and they had picked up the forest color from her sweater. Did they take on other colors, too?


“I have a message for you,” she said.


“More trouble from Gabe?” His gaze traveled over her lips.


“No, not from Gabe. I have to tell you to listen to the promptings of your heart.”


Right now the promptings of his heart told him to lean over and kiss those sweet pink lips. He felt quite certain those were not the promptings Zoe was talking about.


“I don’t understand. What does that mean?”


She took another breath. “It means God is trying to tell you something, Zack. You need to listen.”


He felt as if cold water had been poured over his head. He blinked then took a step backwards.



Tender Touch Tanya Stowe

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Miss Primm apologizes and wishes a Happy New Year

Miss Primm must sincerely apologize for falling down at the job. A corruption of her lungs due to an ague threw her into bed these past two weeks. However, after dosages of her great-grandmama’s recipe for sassafras tea, she is now in full health and eager to resume her duties as Lifestyle editor for the Courant.

Please make welcome our next visitor to Culdesac Corners–Miss Tanya Stowe -as she and her heroine Zoe Wyndham discuss her latest, Leap of Faith.

Ps. Miss Tanya Hanson delights in a same-named chum and reports that the two had the great pleasure of meeting last summer at RWA, perf5.500x8.500.inddWhatever RWA is…

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On the Fourth Day of Christmas…

Hunting just ain’t allowed in Culdesac Corners; therefore no trophies above the fireplace. Unless you count creative pieces like Miss Primm’s darling calico reindeer head. Made for her with great love by her Aunt MaryAnn and Cousin Christina.

Christmas is still going on in the Corners. Hope you’re enjoying yourselves too, wherever you might be finding yourselves.

Only faux trophies allowed

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On the Third Day of Christmas…

An odd ornament featuring a faux lamp made from a leg wearing a fishnet stocking.   Miss Primm, from her 1880 lookout, is not quite certain what this means, but has posted the picture anyway on behalf of her alter-ago Miss Tanya. Apparently the “lamp”Leg lamp comes from one of Miss Tanya’s favorite Christmas “movies”, which again, Miss Primm does not quite understand…

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Second Day of Christmas….

Miss Primm’s Rudolph the Crystal Reindeer.

Rudolph the crystal reindeer

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On the First Day of Christmas…

Miss Primm reminds her readers that Christmas in Culdesac Corners does not end on the Twenty-fifth but continues until Twelfth Night. Also known as Epiphany, or the visit of the Three Wise men.  To celebrate the birth of our Lord and the traditions of her homestead, she will publish a suitable snippet every day during the Season.Nowhere in our little Corner of the world are Christmas trees dismantled the next day, or Christmas sweaters relegated to mothballs for another year. Culdesac Corners knows how to party on.

Today comes a long-ago card from an uncle.  Antique Christmas card (2)

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Merry Christmas from Culdesac Corners

Miss Primm is reminded that Jesus is the Reason for the season, and thanks Bryan Nowak for the gracious loan of  his wintry scene.Courtesy Bryan Nowak Photography Christmas in the Corner

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