Posted by: Tanya Hanson | October 6, 2012

Meet Miss Prinsella Primm, Editor, Culdesac County Courant

Welcome to Culdesac Corners, California. Let me introduce myself. Miss Prinsella Eugenia Primm, native daughter.  Expert horsewoman and a God-fearing, church-going, most proper spinster, I make my living writing for the Courant.  These days, I also guest-blog at this very site on behalf of Miss Tanya Hanson, who is holed up in the cabin depicted above, writing stories for her fine publishing houses.

On top of  all that editing and creating, she’s a loyal wife who loves loading up the Conestoga  and traveling with her man…a  besotted granny whose favorite pastime is hitting up the local mercantile for treats for her boys, and a fine neighbor who does Zumba with the girlz and makes certain to keep her iceberg roses trimmed and aphid-free. She’s so busy she doesn’t miss her career as a schoolmarm one single bit.

It is with much soul-searching that I regret somewhat my life as a spinster, void of love and kids, but I live vicariously as I interview Miss Tanya’s storybook heroes and those of her author friends. I hope you enjoy your stay in Culdesac Corners and that y’all come back soon!

By the by, Miss Tanya’s current book is doing well and available:



  1. Well, now, doesn’t this just sound like a whole barrel o’ fun! 😀 Already lovin’ Miss Primm!

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