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Interview with the Hero: Scott Martin of ANGEL CHILD (by Tanya Hanson)

Lifstyle Editor for the Culdesac County Courant

Today Miss Primm is thrilled to interview cowboy Scott Martin, hero of of Angel Child, by Miss Tanya. It’s Book Six in her Hearts Crossing Ranch series of inspirational contemporary Western romance. 

Miss Prinsella Primm warmly greets Mr. Martin at her office above the mercantile in Culdesac Corners, California.

 Interview begins:

Miss Primm, holding down a flush:  No, no, leave that Stetson on your head, Mr. Martin. You are at this point in time my first hero interviewee. I’ve been busy with heroines it seems. That said, welcome today to Culdesac Corners, California. We’re a humble community hereabouts and would love to learn about someplace new. Tell us about your Hearts Crossing ranch in Mountain Cove, Colorado. 

Scott, touching two fingers to his brim:   Miss Primm. Call me Scott, please. I am so honored to be here. Truth is, this is my first time west of the Rockies, and as I see it, Culdesac Corners is a mighty fine place to visit. Full of down home charm and regular folks.

 Miss Primm:  That it is, Mr. Martin, that we are. 

Scott, smiling:   All righty, then. Hearts Crossing ranch has been in the Martin family for about a hundred fifty years. My ma (Elaine Martin–she’s a hoot) is the last of her line, so she made Pa take on the Martin name when they got married. They came up with a new moniker for the place, Hearts Crossing. As they put it, life is made up of faith and love. Miss Tanya has stories going about all eight of us Martin kids. 

We’re a working cattle ranch, but all of us have sidelines to help finance things. Like city slicker wagon train adventures (Book One) led mostly by my brother Kenn in the summers. He’s a high school teacher rest of the time. 

Matter of fact, that’s how I met my lady, Mary Grace. She got called in as his substitute teacher when he took a fall from a rambunctious horse. Ma, being Ma, took Mary Grace right into the fold, inviting her to stay at the ranch so Kenn could keep up with his classes. Lucky for me. 

Miss Primm, fingers fluttering over her quill:   Oh do tell more. I love stories of hearth and home. And although I myself am a spinster, I live love stories vicariously through my journalism. I see the spark in your eye, speaking Mary Grace’s name. Yet I also believe love never goes smooth. What is the biggest obstacle between the two of you? 

Scott, crossing one denimed knee over the other:   There were a few obstacles, truth is. First off, Mary Grace was my high school art teacher. And she’s an ‘older woman.’ (Chuckles) Of course, we’re both grown up now, and we hit it off smooth as glass at last summer’s Fourth of July picnic…but she still turned me down when I asked her out. Can’t deny my ego took a hit. 

Miss Primm, prim:  Well, that doesn’t seem much of an obstacle. If you reckoned she’s the joy of your heart, you must pursue.

 Scott, eyes bright:  Oh, indeed I did. But we had other complications.

 Miss Primm, with an eye roll:  Oh, it’s always complicated.

 Scott, uncrossing his legs:  In this case, yep. We had trust issues, both of us. But making a long story short, it didn’t take me long to fall for her disabled son and love him like my own. 

Miss Primm, hand atop her heart:   Dearie me, my heart warms. Now, back to the ranch. You kids all have a second job, and yours is also graphic designer. Now I’ve recently interviewed a jewelry designer, but this occupation escapes me. 

Scott, touching her hand lightly:  That’s because you live in the 19th century. I make pictures but not with paint or brush. I use a machine called a computer and get directions from something called Photoshop. If you can hang around after the interview, I brought my laptop. I could show you. 

Laptop?   (Miss Primm folds her hands and lays them in her lap.)


Scott, nodding:  Just give me a few minutes. You’re gonna love it. 

Miss Primm, with her own nod:  All righty. Normally I ask my female interviewees what it is they have in their reticule. Y’all twenty-first century folks call it a purse. I’m thinking…what’s in your pocket?

 Scott, handsome brow wrinkled in thought:  Smartphone, emergency twenty dollar bill. My driver’s license. That’s about it. Guess I travel light.

 Miss Primm, eyebrows rising:  My my, a twenty dollar bill is a near fortune. And here in Culdesac Corners we don’t need a license to drive our buggies. I’ve heard of Mr. Belle’s telephone, though. Anyway, I’m a church going person. And I’m suspecting you are, too with a ranch named Hearts Crossing. What Scriptures determine how you live each day? 

Scott, confident:  That would have to be Psalm 121, verse one. I love looking up at the hills that huddle around our ranch, knowing I can ask my Maker for help whenever I need it. Which is pretty often, truth to tell.

 Miss Primm, looking out the window to the hills and mountains of Culdesac County:  Who are your favorite neighbors back in Colorado? 

Scott, smiling again: Everybody in Mountain Cove and close-by Promise are good neighbors. Likely one of my favorites is Rhee Ryland, who stars in Miss Tanya’s FAITHFUL DANGER (her first romantic suspense) A true cowboy, he’s back ranching after a stint as a very successful, high-priced private investigator. Lucky for him. He not only met his wife Caffey on a case–he also saved her life! 

Miss Primm:  Aw, that’s a fine tale. Now, Scott, your book is called ANGEL CHILD. I’ve definitely had experiences with angels in my life. How about you? 

Scott, peering out the window as wellWell, this particular angel child is Mary Grace’s little boy, Creighton, who was born with the debilitating Angelman syndrome. But goodness, just like angels, he changes folks’ lives.

 Miss Primm, finishing up:  As for myself, Miss Louisa May Alcott is my all-time favorite author, and Miss Tanya’s as well. Who is your favorite author and why? 

Scott, with a clomp of his boot heels on the puncheon floor:  Nobody but Louis L’Amour does it for me. Would love to be a Sackett.

 Miss Primm:  A Sackett? Hmmmm. That’s a new word for me, but  I am always in the mood to read and learn  Well, Mr. Martin, I best let you be on your way. Thanks for participating today. And don’t leave without handing over your links and blurb. 

Scott, rising:  You got it, Miss Primm. Now let me get my laptop started up…

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After placing her handicapped son in a full-time care facility, Mary Grace Gibson is determined to get her life back on track again. She takes on a substitute-teaching job in her old home town and is more than grateful for the room and board offered at Hearts Crossing Ranch. 
The bustling Martin family helps her start trusting again. But the hurt she experienced when her ex abandoned her due to their little boy’s serious disabilities make Mary Grace cautious to trust anyone. Even the handsome cowboy who’s fast stealing her heart. 

Cowboy and graphic artist Scott Martin is instantly drawn to the beautiful single mom—his former high school teacher. She’s had some hard luck but never let go of her faith. Their age gap doesn’t fret him, and their kisses ignite his love. But Mary Grace’s lack of trust shatters his feelings. He’s been down that broken trail before.

How can he assure her he’s different from the man who hurt her and neglected her son?



  1. lovely interview. Have added this one to my wish list…

    • Hi Clare, maybe you’ll find it in your Christmas stocking via me LOL. Thanks so much for your support and friendship. xoxo

  2. Yowzee! Great interview, Tanya. Love the blurb for ANGEL CHILD.

    • Thanks, Dora. Your visit today means so much to both Miss Primm and to me LOL.

  3. Tanya, this one sounds like solid gold – what a heart tugger — I can’t wait to read it, my friend!! Blessings to you always – you shine so bright!! Keep up the great work!!

    • Hi Marianne, you’re a big part of this, with your friendship and support. And now, getting to be twins LOL. Congrats on your same-day-as-me release, Operation Breathless. Oh, and Miss Primm is desperate for a face-to-face with Susanna. Once again, thanks from my heart and soul. xoxo

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