Posted by: Tanya Hanson | November 17, 2012

Interview with the Heroine: Susanna Daniels from Operation Breathless

Miss Primm, Miss Tanya’s alter-go, is thrilled today to present her recent conversation with Susanna Daniels, who comes to life in Operation Breathless, the latest release by Marianne Evans, award winning inspirational author. Miss Daniels joins her friend and neighbor Pia Peretti here in Culdesac Corners. Most times they spend their days in Angel Falls, Texas, setting for the wonderful Hearts Haven series.

 Please enjoy this latest Lifestyle Column of the Culdesac County Courant.

  Miss Primm, pouring tea:  Susanna, be still my heart. You bear the same name as my beloved great grandmother. Welcome today to Culdesac Corners, California. We’re a humble community hereabouts and would love to learn about someplace new. Tell us about Angel Falls.

 Susanna, honored to share the name:  Hello, Miss Primm! I’m so glad to join you today – thank you for allowing me to be a guest here at Culdesac Corners! I’m a native of Angel Falls and doubt I’ll ever leave. J There’s so much beauty to the Angelina National Forest, and the quaint, small-town feel to the city where I live. So many wonderful friends and people, too.

 Miss Primm, passing the sugarbowl:    I recently interviewed Miss Pia Peretti. I believe she is your friend and neighbor at Hearts Haven. Tell us a bit about your friendship. And I can’t help but cipher that Mr. Gabe Peretti is her relation. Please expound on that possibility.

Susanna, blushing:  Oh, Miss Primm…you’re making me blush!! Yes, Gabe is Pia’s brother – a cop who took up temporary residence in the city of Detroit as a cop. He came back home, and that’s how we met…during a somewhat unexpected and, if I do say so, romantic set of circumstances (though they didn’t feel that way at the time!) Pia is a doll, isn’t she? She told me she was your guest recently here at Culdesac Corners! Oh, and just wait until you meet my other close friends, Zoe Wyndham and Kaci James. Zoe is such a creative, artistic soul, and Kaci is a school teacher who loves her kids, and seems to have a side job that she keeps very mum about – but we’re trying to figure out what she’s doing during her off hours…LOL!!!

 Miss Primm, blushing back:   LOL? Now, that’s a new alphabet for me….   Although I myself am a spinster, I am always thrilled to live love vicariously through my interviewees. Since love never goes smooth, what is the biggest obstacle between you and Mr. Peretti?

Susanna, lost in lovely thoughts.   Well…logistics for one. He lives in Detroit. He’s on sabbatical for now. Then, there’s the fact that I think we’re both burned out in our jobs – aching to do more with the opportunities, passions and gifts God has given us, but we keep coming up against stone walls. I’ve had to deal with being framed for shoplifting, and Gabe has been caught in the crossfire of a gang-related episode in Detroit that sent him back home to heal, and reevaluate. It’s complicated.  ::sigh!:: 

Miss Primm, nodding:     Oh, my dear, it’s always complicated.  Which may be why I’ve never bothered. Nonetheless, My heart aches at those troubled teens to whom you gave your talent and career. Here in Culdesac Corners, the county sheriff would likely set them to wrangling at a local ranch, or digging in the Curly Wolf mine to corral their extra time and keep them too busy for temptation. Any particular teen who touched your heart?

Susanna, reaching out to touch Miss Primm’s arm:   How wonderful, Miss Primm! That’s great therapy! In fact, we’ve done much the same, introducing kids to the beauty and inspiration of nature at Angelina Falls National Park! In fact, Gabe has become quite active in my programs at Wellsprings of Grace and even helped us out on a hiking and canoeing expedition! Confidentiality issues keep me from naming my patients outright, but let’s just say the teen who tried to frame me is turning out to be one of my happiest success stories! She’s overcoming neglect and is really taking charge of her life! I’m so thrilled for her!

 Miss Primm, smiling broadly:   Then I must share your joy. Now, what are five things I’m likely to find in the bottom of your reticule? You modern ladies call it a purse.

Susanna, smiling broadly back:   Funny you ask. My story in Operation Breathless begins with something quite troubling ending up at the bottom of my reticule! I’ll skip that for now, though, and let your readers find out all about it by exploring the pages of the book! You’ll definitely find a tube of lipstick (berry kiss is the color name!). You’ll also find a notebook and pen (I find I’m always jotting notes about ideas I have for therapy sessions, or patient discussions…). I’m always in a hurry, so I tend to dump change in the bottom of my purse. You’ll likely find some nickels, dimes and quarters…LOL! And, lastly, a stash of tissues.

 Miss Prim, questioningly:  Now, tissues is something I best explore. Now,   I’m a church going woman myself, but I have fielded tough times here in Culdesac Corners that strained my faith in the Good Book. I sense you bear some deep-down troubles. What Scriptures determine how you live each day?  (She fingers the cross around her neck, one of Pia Peretti’s designs.)

Susanna, fingers entwining:    Oh, is that ever true, and understandable as we struggle with daily life!!! One of my favorite verses is on a plaque at my desk at work to lend strength and guidance on my journey: ”Fight the good fight of the faith. Take hold of the eternal life to which you were called.” It’s from the Book of Timothy, Chapter 6-Verse 12.

 Miss Primm, lost in some thought but ever the professional, gets herself quickly on track:  My, Timothy is an old family name as well. What about your past would you change if you could? How does what happened then threaten what you’re trying to build now?

Susanna, smiling with confidence:   You know what? I wouldn’t change the past. I try to stress that to my kids. The past is what God gave us—and what molds us into who and what we are today, and what we can become in the future. No matter what, no matter who, the past is full of light, and full of shadow. The point is to rely on God to carry us through both seasons… 

Miss Primm, pouring more tea:   Miss Susanna, that is sound scriptural advice. Especially in times of trouble. I’ve definitely had experiences with troublemakers in my life, liars, too. How about you?  

Susanna, sipping tea then nodding heartily:   I deal with trying to reform those troublemakers every day of my life, Miss Primm, and some days are most certainly better than others. Love and God and my faith give me hope and enough strength to keep turning the page each day. Hopefully that’s true for you as well!  

 Miss Primm, pointing at her well-stocked book shelf:   As for myself, Miss Louisa May Alcott is my all-time favorite author, and Miss Tanya’s as well. Who is your favorite author and why? I

Susanna nods again:   I adore Louisa May Alcott!! Isn’t her work fantastic?? I recommend Little Women to so many of my teen patients! For a ‘modern twist’ I love Karen Kingsbury. Her books are so real and heart-touching. I adore her Baxter series!

 Miss Primm, thoughtful, writes down the name:   A modern twist? I best acquaint myself with Miss Kingsbury. I’m ever one to keep up with the times. Now, Miss Susanna, feel free to add, subtract, multiply or divide anything you still need to say that I may have forgotten despite my thoroughness.

Susanna, honest and true:   My goodness, I can’t imagine anything we’ve left out!! You’re a wonderful hostess and interviewer, Miss Primm, and once again, I’m so honored to join you!! You’re a gem!!

Miss Primm, passing cake:  Thanks for your presence today in the latest edition of the Culdesac County Courant aka Miss Tanya’s blog. We here at the Courant cannot wait to feater Miss Kaci and Miss Zoe.

Susanna, taking a slice:  My honor and privilege!  

Miss Primm:  The honor is all mine, dear. Now, let’s eat!


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 Blurb: Psychologist Susanna Daniels helps troubled teens find their footing and their faith, but in the face of erroneous accusations, she’s lost hope, wondering if her work at Wellsprings of Grace even makes a difference any more. 

Detroit police officer Gabe Peretti has returned home to Angel Falls, Texas, burned out by the big city, his faith stretched to the breaking point by the badlands he’s witnessed and tried so hard to change. He craves fresh perspective, and wisdom enough to discern God’s will. 

A sparkling kiss and an embattled young lady careening down the wrong path bring Susanna and Gabe together, sweeping them into a set of circumstances that will require enough faith to shine bright, and enough love to leave them both forever changed, and positively breathless.

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  1. I always love Miss Primm’s interviews with your characters. So funny. She has quite a sense of humor.

    • Hi, Linda!!! I’m so glad you stopped by the “Corner’ for a visit! I agree that these interviews are such fun! God bless!!

  2. I always love these interviews by Miss Primm. So hilarious. She has quite a sense of humor. Good luck to you, Tanya.

  3. Tanya, all thanks to you and Miss Primm for shining a spotlight on Susanna! She admitted to some pre-interview nerves, but came away from her time with Miss Primm feeling so blessed. Thanks, ladies!!! 😉 Blessings!

  4. Good afternoon, Miss Primm – and, of course, my sweet Susanna! What a wonderful interview, ladies! You’re both so interesting and fun. Susanna, it’s so easy to see why Marianne Evans wanted to tell your story! 🙂

    • Pia, you’re such a darling! !!! ::Hugs:: ❤ Here's a little secret for you – without your fabulous author friend, Delia, this story might never have come to be. She kick-started my urging to write Susanna and Gabe's story!!!!!!

  5. Great interview, ladies. I especially love the part about past, present and future, and the reminder to “rely on God to carry us through both seasons…”

    Tanya, love your Miss Primm interviews! Marianne, congratulations on your newest (I’ve lost track of how many books you’ve rolled out in the last few months!) release, OPERATION BREATHLESS. Wishing you many blessings for continued success. I’m so honored to call you friend. 🙂

    • Dora, the honor is completely and totally mine. You’re on a “suspenseful” roll of your own, my dear, and I couldn’t be more thrilled! Thanks for the visit to Miss Primm’s corner of the world – she’s fabulous – as is her alter-ego Tanya Hanson!! Hugs, my friend!!!!

  6. Thanks so much, everybody, for popping at Culdesac Corners! I’ve been away from home babysitting my year-old grandson…and while I brought the laptop along, I didn’t have time or inclination to turn it on.. He’s such a little love.. I so appreciate seeing you here! xo

  7. And my dear Susanna, I hope you and and Miss Marianne will pop over from time to time! I love you guys! xo

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